Where do we go from here?

France is done for now, but the world will move on, and our hearts will move on.

Coming to you live from the Eiffelstan Tower, the last performance by a female in public before the nation wide application of Sharia Law, we bring you Celine Dion. Famous for the white privilege of thinking a boat wouldn’t sink, she now gives one last rendition of “My Heart will go on”, as a final nail in the coffin of the White Man.

The first 200 attendees will receive “Francistan History”, where you will learn of the horrors of Charles Martell, and how he kept France form joining the holy Islam for 700 years,

This is where we are different from the Left – The regressive autistic screeching is something we do BEFORE the election because we feed off its energy. After the Election, we RESPECT the results, and do better next time.

Geert Wilders, Marine LePen,,, We wanted them to win, but they were some of the hardest fights ever. Europe doesn’t have the same culture as the United States, Trump is NOT what would win there.

Totally Halal!

This is where culture truly becomes an important factor. The US has a culture of freedom, and fighting tyranny and oppression. Twice, the United States joined a World War and ‘saved the world’. The reality is very different. The US’s contributions were important, but not the all-mighty savior of the world.  But what’s important is that Americans strive to that. Where else in the world do you find men and women who feel pride in their history which to be fair, is primarily war?

It’s not about warmongering savages either, the culture sees it as a Just War – a fight against something even worse than combat and death. The Revolution was a war against Tyranny and Oppression, the Civil War was about unity, freedom against Slavery, World War 1 was ending Feudalism and Royalty, and World War 2 was about fighting actual fascism.

The realities behind each was is much more complex, but this is about culture Just like how Muslims will latch onto the Religion of Peace moniker, Americans truly do believe in a culture that puts freedom and the pursuit of happiness as the highest standards.

Where the different lies, is that Americans truly will live up to those standards,  Not just claim they do. Americans don’t have Trucks of Liberty like Islam has Trucks of Peace. If Americans are going to attack you, they’re going to beg you to stop because when they band together generations speak of the results.

Culture is where we will ultimate win this war, and not just some battles. The 2016 US Election was a powerful win for freedom, nationalism, and the future of the human race as a real species and not slaves to the elite. But for every step forward we take, the Globalists strike back twice as hard. The Netherlands, Syria, North Korea, the EU, and most recently France. These are major battles that are either still being fought, or have been wins for the Globalists of Cuckistan.

We need to retake the culture – we need to demonstrate that we are not virtue singalling pussy farts like most SJWs are. We’re willing to be offensive, we’re willing to ask serious questions, and most of all, we are not ready to bend over and take the diseased cock of Globalism that will cripple us and leave us a slaves of the elite, rather than just the indentured servitude of Capitalism.

what’s that you say? Yes, Capitalism has its problems – but we need to make sure the house won’t collapse before we renovate.

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