Too much happening

Okay, so point form just to spit it on out ‘paper’

Seth Rich gets shot – the cop who responds has been linked to Podesta as a student of his, and this cop’s sister has also been linked to Hillary Clinton having worked for her.

The cop had a body cam when they found Seth – he was still alive and sent to the ER to potentially be saved. The current ‘update’ was that he was given a blood transfusion and died not he table. The Hospital apparently didn’t want any record of him being there. There is speculation that the Nurses Union whom was one of HRC’s top donors was involved in this.

Seth Rich’s laptop was confiscated after his death. The FBI or DC police have it, and it’s speculated that this is where proof that he’s the leaker to Wikileaks will be found. Why is this important?

Because if Seth Rich is proven to be the leaker to Wikileaks beyond a shadow of a doubt – the DNC was NOT hacked by Russia, which means that the Russian Narrative that they helped Donald Trump falls apart. 

There is a MASSIVE censorship going on right now, There are so many strong stories out there which are primarily to block this. Do Not Give Up.

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