Random list of things you should be aware of.

  1. Joe Rogan Experience #powerfulJRE: Joe Rogan is a somewhat based podcaster/ I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of my audience is male, (Don’t worry ladies, I’ve got you covered below, and Joe’s pretty awesome for you too!) Joe Rogan is a great introduction to the kinds of ideas that have led us to Libertarianism, Classical Liberalism, Alt Lite, and to lesser degrees the Alt Right and SEIG HEIL. (i delve into all of them, it’s very fascinating to me so many different view points)

    PowerfulJRE, The Joe Rogan Experience becomes a fun and crunchy podcast you can listen to while doing housework, working, or just lounging about because it’s usually pretty entertaining in a light way that doesn’t require hard concentration. You’ll see all sorts of public figures come on here, and get a nice wide slice of the centre left, to the alt-lite.

  2. Reports of Pepe’s death are GROSSLY exaggerated,

  3. Dave Rubin: The Rubin Report – This is where things get a little spicier. Dave Rubin’s talks and podcasts are much more political than Joe Rogan. He is a self professed Classical Liberal and will often bring on contrarian viewpoints and actually try and have a debate. Listening to these podcasts is not about shielding yourself in a bubble of social media approval. You listen to these to open your mind to how and why people think as they do. You don’t have to agree, but if you know WHAT they think specifically, that’s only helping you.

    How? Well you’ll understand if the person with an opposing viewpoint actually has a valid point that should be examined, or if they’re just autistically screeching like Cenk on The Young Turks who gets fatter and fatter hoping he has some relevance in the world today. Seriously, Fuck TYT – and Dave Rubin agrees ( at some somewhat)

  4. Seth Rich was in contact with WikileaksImmaculate Pepe does not have enough time to be a media aggregate. HOWEVER, there are some things that need to be shared to everyone and anyone. If you want up to date news, go on Twitter and follow Alt Media figures like Jack Posobeic, Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, etc etc.

    What it means: It means the DNC was NOT hacked by Russia, and their narrative is now like a skeleton withering away to dust. Literally nothing of substance. It also implicates the DNC with Seth Rich’s murder.

  5. Stefan Molyneux: Free Domain Radio – This is getting more into the personal, and high level research. Stefan is a philosopher and researcher, and specializes in human psychology and behaviour. He can be a sweet and loving father figure, and just as quickly a vicious and brutal debater who will leave you without an argument because you never had one to begin with. Ladies, this is the guy to listen to because he doesn’t want you to grow old and feel unfulfilled or have regrets. Let go of your feminist brainwashing and take real stock of what makes you happy.

    Stefan has done a lot of research into IQ and has several presentations. Be warned, do NOT listen to these unless you are ready to admit that not all human are equal, but there are many factors to it. His “The Truth on” series is incredibly well researched, more than a tad bitter and sarcastic, and an amazing way of quickly redpilling yourself on light to medium topics (From individuals, to larger concepts like Socialism and Racism) Highly recommended for people who want a well thought out and rounded ability to think critically and stop using fallacies to prop up their world view.

  6. Metal Pole Dick Guy – I died laughing at this for hours. My autism level increased.
  7. Think you’re ready to tell the difference between real and fake news? Alright young caterpillar – if you want to be a Centipede then you’ve got to download Twitter, follow a bunch of news outlets, watch “Infowars” whenever you can, and try and keep track of what Infowars says that gets proven true, and what MSM says that gets proven false. Remember, real vs fake news.
  8. Are you beyond this all now? Do you look at The_Donald and scoff at how they all appear to be relatively young and excited and HIGH ENERGY but also have trouble figuring out darker and more taboo subjects? Welcome to 4Pol. You are not welcome, and you are not expected to understand what’s going on. You lurk, you read, and you hopefully read and check the evidence provided for the myriad of conversations and discussion that happen. Be prepared for absolute offence. Today, there was a giant discussion on whether or not Pol readers would be okay raping female soldiers of the opposing side and there was actual discussion about it. 

    Why do you lurk? Because if you just shitpost and bring your opinion without some kind of fact or evidence behind it, you’ll get ignored. Once you have some validity, you’ll be called a faggot. After this, you’ll be glad if you just get quoted and get a dissenting opinion. This means you brought up a valid point and someone wants to counter it.

    Be prepared for 2-3 years here. It’s a scary place but you’ll have a worldview beyond that of any bed hopping tourist.

  9. Tire of the plebbits and shills on 4Chan? Well…. depending on what your personal beliefs are, going deeper from here is a bit intimidating. You can become a real nazi, you can become a transcendent zen god/goddess, or you can try and go deeper into the chaos.

    Real Nazi – This is where you end up on Daily Stormer, Red Ice Radio, and start resent all the truths you found out on 4Chan.

    Transcendent Zen God/Goddess: People like Jordan Peterson will become amazing reads and lectures for you. You’ll dive into the deep psychology and the aspects to become a healthy well rounded person in this world of spin and brainwashing. There’s a reason liberals hate him so much, it’s because he’s waaaaaaaay smarter than they are.

    Deeper into the Chaos: You can find 8Chan. This is darker, and i don’t recommend going there unless you’re ready to go through the lurking process again, This is where the people who have no fear of any speech go to. Shills are  laid out on a buffet, or just ignored because it’s not worth the time. This is ultimate weaponized autism.

  10. Why no other Alt Lite figures?

    They all have something or other that’s good, but they focus on one or another thing a bit too much.

    Gavin McInnis: Angry and Alpha Male politics. He’s good for a laugh, and a good introduction on the same level as Joe Rogan or Dave Rubin.  I actually quite like him, just don’t really learn much from him. He’s a great way to introduce someone who can have a laugh to the Alt Lite.

    Ann Coulter: She’s so obsessed with THE WALL that she’s lost credibility. She’s quickly losing relevance ever since cucking out at Berkeley when others took up that mantle. She’s a useful crazy, but don’t take her too seriously.

    Steven Crowder: A more traditional conservative, Louder with Crowder is funny above all else, and while his views on Islam are fantastic, it’s not going to build on anything you didn’t already know. I watch this for entertainment, not learning.

    Milo Yiannopolis: A diva, and an obvious attention whore. He’d agree, and his views on Free Speech are the strongest aspect of his game. There is much more to him than just that though, and again i treat him more like entertainment. On the odd occasion he goes into full debate/intellectual mode though, he can be incredibly thoughtful.

    Ben Shapiro:  Traditional Conservative, he’s an amazing debater, but too rigid and has this smarmy way about him that just makes you want to punch him in the face. There’s a lot more to Ben – most of it not great. He’s worth listening to, if only to try and debunk his points.


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