Mission Statement

So i’ve been seeing plenty of people trying to monetize and sell stuff to both Kek and Trump Supporters.

It’d be pretty fucking hypocritical of me to chastise them, but you know what? No. No it’s not.

I offer 3 major things here – two of them absolutely free to you.

1- Les Deplorables – The Great Meme War.

Here is what this book cost me.

  • I got ‘let go’ from a cushy IT job because of one of the memes in the book.
  • Months of solid work. I took my time with this project – 533 pages and fuck i don’t even know how many words? All the memes that i had to source from buttfuck nowhere?
  • Various small costs in storage, software, etc.

What do I ask you to do? SHARE IT. That’s it. Actually not even that, just READ IT. Completely free, and i’ll keep uploading whenever it hits maximum upload limits.


2- Various Shitposts and Analyses, and occasionally i’ll write up something bigger and more substantial.

Once in a lifetime ago i fancied myself that i could be a journalist. I’m not driven enough
to keep up with the latest news, not with the life i have. I’d have to literally go out in the field to get that passion and drive in me, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

So i shitpost, I share opinions and theories, and hopefully soon i can add some addendum to the Book – again, COMPLETELY FREE.

3- Limited Quantity of Pins and Patches

Yes, These are purchased. None are over 10$ and shipping is flat rate no matter where you are in the Continental US or Canada. We’re a 2 man operation – I’ve invested into this not only in the online storage, but i actually OWN all these pins and patches right now. I’ve given away several with orders (especially to those in California, IMPEACHMAXINE *which is also a Coupon BTW)* Hint Hint) because fuck it, i TRULY believe in this cause. The “Profits” are going to the costs to keep this place up. I have savings, I have other jobs i do for my “Life” money.

I ordered these Pins and Patches because if I WANTED them, i KNEW some of you guys would too.

I’m a shill just as much as any other Merchant (Check out the pic on Cart 😉 ) but i also chose WeaponizedAutism as my domain, I have a Bill Clinton is a Rapist important News, and i’m open about how fucked Islam is. I tried to buy an Ad on Reddit (i went to minimum which is like 15$) and it was denied. Probably because i have WEAPONIZEDAUTISM as my DOMAIN.

Why can I do this? Because everything that is behind this shop is open and free – This wasn’t some shitty little template Shopify or WIX or some other “Shop in a Box” thing was done. We’re not owned by anyone, or forced to follow TOS of some Liberal Snowflake company that shits its pants if it sees a Pepe.

Which is fantastic because i jump between The_Donald, Voat, 4pol and 8pol pretty consistently. Which means i can post about WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT.

So yeah, fuck those cash grab little fucks who try and siphon off high energy when they won’t even admit Bill Clinton is a rapist. INFOWARS,COM



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