History is not kind to those who forget.

Admit it. You didn’t think she’d win. Fuck, few of us did. Tommy Rebel and I argued late saturday night about this shit and damn.  We ended up saying “There’s a good chance she won’t win, but she has to win.

For a long time i’ve made fun of the French – Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys and all. At one point I even told a colleague that the French (in Canada at least) were a statistical abnormality,

That ended today. The degeneracy and unwillingness to defend ones own culture has now led one of the founding nations of Western Civilization into the maw of the goat. It won’t be immediate, but France has fully put one foot into the acid baths of the oncoming horde and it’s going to take a long time for it to recover from this kind of defeat. If ever.

Macron is a crook – a puppet of Hollande, and even worse, nothing more than an open highway for the incoming Trucks of Peace. Oh i’m a racist am I? A Nazi? Explain how Macron’s email expressly has a plan for Islam in France.


For all my teasing, I also know that if it weren’t for the French, there wouldn’t be a USA, and even more, there wouldn’t be Western Civilization at all. Maybe you haven’t been taught it, but the French have a strong history and it’s worth aspiring to. 

Charles Martel – Look at this handsome devil. Do you know what he’s famous for? Why there’s a statue of him? Why we here at Weaponized Autism see him  as something the French should be fucking proud of and return to?

He was the leader of the Frankish people in the 700s – at the time when Islam was sweeping Europe and North Africa like a horde of locusts. This man began to fight back, and if it weren’t for him finally standing up and defending his culture, his lands, and his people. France might  as well have been called “Francistan”  and wouldn’t be known for culinary artistry, Brigette Bardot, and a free society that wasn’t afraid of human natural urges, but still not fall to the degeneracy of today.

Now though? He’d be spinning in his grave. How many of our ancestors died and bled so that we could have the most advanced and progressive society that breed such amazing lives for so many. We have problems yes, but they can be solved, they can be fixed if we just have open dialogue and stop being such fucking wimpy bitches about everything. But Francistan it is. I pray that those who know what’s coming can escape, and to those who voted for Macron, you’ll soon understand why the Crusades happened.

Don’t want to get into the meat of it? Here’s a 5 minute crunchy history for you. We’re all about fact checking and decoding autism into something normies can digest.

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