Grand Opening!

From the depths of Kekistan, we here at Weaponized Autism bring you “Les Deplorables: The Great Meme War” (Which has actually been available for some time, but harder to find/get)

This is a book that stands alone. It is all about visual engagement. Why read pages and pages of text when you can see what Memes really mean? This is our ethnicity, this is our culture. I, Immaculate Pepe, and my compatriot Tommy Rebel/Krtek Tuta are here to spread our high energy.

Les Deplorables is a 533 page Coffee Table History book. Go step by step through the election and the greatest memes created, then go more in depth and find out exactly why Trump’s victory happened. Learn just a bit about Weaponized Autism, and then finish the story with a look at Wikileaks, George Soros, and some of the greatest hits to come out of the Internet Meme Warfare. Available here at this MEGA┬álink is the PPTX version which can be used to export to PNG or whatever you’d like. Please email if you have any issues with the file and we can get it to you in other methods.!Nrp2UBrJ

Also available is our store – where unique and limited edition merchandise is available. Small Batch, and profits go directly towards supporting this project and all future updates to it. Click the link above to see our inventory!

Depending on how busy this place gets, inventory will be updating every quarter, or perhaps monthly if it really picks up steam. We want to create really unique product, and entertaining visual infographic memery. We may get into wearables and other accessories but we want to stay more unique in both designs and product. How busy we get will also dictate how often we update, as well as future stock.

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