Comey’s out!

I would have written something last night but holy shit, i was too busy crying laughing at this.


My internal organs were failing last night i was laughing so hard. Danny Sexbang said it best once after a laughing fit. “My life is different now.”

What does this mean? Well, we’ll have to find out who’s the new FBI Director after this. FBIAnon from 4Chan fame is probably losing his shit because this is one of the first truly clear signs of draining the swamp.

With the DoJ now under Jeff Sessions, and a new FBI Director incoming (Bets are on Trey Gowdy or Sheriff Clarke on The_D) there’s something of a wind. Things people have forgotten are coming back to the surface. Laura Silsby, Clinton’s E-mails, Benghazi, Weiner’s laptop (yeah remember that one?)

I won’t say “IT”S HAPPENING” because there is good reason to be glad of baby steps.In fact, as much as I like Sheriff Clarke, he may have ruined his chances by tweeting that he’d arrest Hillary, it would be clearly ‘partisan’ for him to be given that position. ┬áBut wouldn’t it be great?

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