Antifa BTFO – Take the advantage!

It’s happening.

It began slowly above – Moldylocks and her cuck boyfriend.

Oh don’t know why she’s called Moldylocks? It’s not about her CULTURAL APPROPRIATION OF DREADLOCKS (Fuck why are they so retarded?)

No no no… Liberalism, communism, and the whole “Anarchism” has taken a young woman who could have been ANYTHING in her prime – she had every opportunity, every “privilege” that they preach against, and instead of using that privilege to announce how fucking stupid it is and still requires effort, study, and hard AND smart work, she’s now on Pornhub showing of her hairy cunt.

I won’t ruin your lunch with a link but it’s super easy to find. You’re truly degenerate to fap to that. You’d be less degenerate to fap to traps. (One of Tommy Rebel’s weaknesses is when i suggest linking Antifa to white boi BBC porn and he says its even more sinister than he’s comfortable with, and then suggests i have a tranny fetish)

In reality it’s almost like how Jordan Peterson sees Kek – A level of organized chaos that shouldn’t exist, but somehow does.

Back to Antifa – It’s happened. Although in reality it’s even better than we could have imagined. Democrats have begun to denounce Antifa – literally weeks after compiling on President (Can you still believe he has that title? i can’t. Neither can Tommy Rebel) Trump for saying “Both sides” had violence.

Pelosi Blasts White Supremacists, Denounces Attacks On Trump Supporters

How much you think it hurt her evil demon soul to do this? Bets are suicided by the end of the year.

I’ve been away for so long because i’ve been studying, (and personal matters that i can’t get into) but now… now i’m going to do what i encourage all of you to do – STRIKE NOW! Go on Social Media and CRUSH ANTIFA! We want them to be seen for the truly disgusting people they are. Use Coupon Code Antifags for 30% off pricing (and now reduced shipping costs too!)

I have about half of my original 100 of each stock left, and I’m burning out the stock as fast as i can. All previous purchasers will be getting a special 1 time use coupon for either themselves or their friends, Due to pricing it’ll be limited to the US, Canada,. HOWEVER< if you’re a Europede, a Winged Hussar, or a Based Aussie, seriously email me at and i’ll work something out for you. Asia is very finicky for me to ship to but I will try my damnedest or refund 100% of your money.

What you do next is completely up to you. I am basically a vanguard of chaos and i see several different things you can do from now.

  • Nothing. In which case,… well watch more JP and Molymeme – at least train that brain of yours when you’re ready.
  • Something – Show off your Kekistani heritage, argue on forums, social media, maybe even talk to people IRL if you’re some kind of normie (Which again, WTF are you doing here?
  • A lot – This is where things get dicey. If you’re a MAGAPede, go to rallies, spread the love of Pepe, go and help out in Houston, and general good values things. Be a decent human being. Stop being evil. Don’t necessarily be a “Good” person but at least stop being an asshole.
  • Too much – Uhhh.. I dunno. Help Gavin McInnis put another dildo in his ass as a joke? (Which while i’m disgusted by, i do understand how it’s fucking hilarious to the Alt-Lite)  Go and have a Prayer meeting with Steven Crowder and yell at him for being a cuck and limiting himself to comedian.  What else? You can go full tilt insane and  ALEX JONES THAT SHIT UP. *Side note, listen to this 4Chan Scroll. Tears of laughter. (It’ll get taken down pretty soon methinks)

  • Finally, you can go full insane. Like. NatSoc insane. You know as well as i do that i’m just playing devils advocate – i don’t endorse, but i also don’t denounce.  I kinda just want you to say your piece, and let the people decide if they agree or not. You hate the commies just as much as I do, and Free Speech is free speech.

Win your fight, not matter what you choose to do. Just Crush Antifa, Crush Communism, and give all the free helicopter rides you want.

Immaculate Pepe out.

Mission Statement

So i’ve been seeing plenty of people trying to monetize and sell stuff to both Kek and Trump Supporters.

It’d be pretty fucking hypocritical of me to chastise them, but you know what? No. No it’s not.

I offer 3 major things here – two of them absolutely free to you.

1- Les Deplorables – The Great Meme War.

Here is what this book cost me.

  • I got ‘let go’ from a cushy IT job because of one of the memes in the book.
  • Months of solid work. I took my time with this project – 533 pages and fuck i don’t even know how many words? All the memes that i had to source from buttfuck nowhere?
  • Various small costs in storage, software, etc.

What do I ask you to do? SHARE IT. That’s it. Actually not even that, just READ IT. Completely free, and i’ll keep uploading whenever it hits maximum upload limits.!Nrp2UBrJ!0Mv-uFRdnm1bBhHLh1o19sNazdGo5FZy8agwfmQEBsU

2- Various Shitposts and Analyses, and occasionally i’ll write up something bigger and more substantial.

Once in a lifetime ago i fancied myself that i could be a journalist. I’m not driven enough
to keep up with the latest news, not with the life i have. I’d have to literally go out in the field to get that passion and drive in me, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

So i shitpost, I share opinions and theories, and hopefully soon i can add some addendum to the Book – again, COMPLETELY FREE.

3- Limited Quantity of Pins and Patches

Yes, These are purchased. None are over 10$ and shipping is flat rate no matter where you are in the Continental US or Canada. We’re a 2 man operation – I’ve invested into this not only in the online storage, but i actually OWN all these pins and patches right now. I’ve given away several with orders (especially to those in California, IMPEACHMAXINE *which is also a Coupon BTW)* Hint Hint) because fuck it, i TRULY believe in this cause. The “Profits” are going to the costs to keep this place up. I have savings, I have other jobs i do for my “Life” money.

I ordered these Pins and Patches because if I WANTED them, i KNEW some of you guys would too.

I’m a shill just as much as any other Merchant (Check out the pic on Cart 😉 ) but i also chose WeaponizedAutism as my domain, I have a Bill Clinton is a Rapist important News, and i’m open about how fucked Islam is. I tried to buy an Ad on Reddit (i went to minimum which is like 15$) and it was denied. Probably because i have WEAPONIZEDAUTISM as my DOMAIN.

Why can I do this? Because everything that is behind this shop is open and free – This wasn’t some shitty little template Shopify or WIX or some other “Shop in a Box” thing was done. We’re not owned by anyone, or forced to follow TOS of some Liberal Snowflake company that shits its pants if it sees a Pepe.

Which is fantastic because i jump between The_Donald, Voat, 4pol and 8pol pretty consistently. Which means i can post about WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT.

So yeah, fuck those cash grab little fucks who try and siphon off high energy when they won’t even admit Bill Clinton is a rapist. INFOWARS,COM



Don’t be a Plebbit – Guide

Our diaspora grows.  Today  on The_Donald , an announcement was made by /U/ohsnapyougotserved that a migration to Voat was on the table,  with an emphasis on censorship and problems that they had been dealing with through Reddit administrators

Having been a member of the Donald ever since the Orlando nightclub shooting I’ve seen all the censorship, and I’ve seen the subjugation of these people who in many ways are the most Ethnic of Kekistani.

Though I also dare say they re not the original Kekistani – but merely those who adopted the Kekistan mantle. You should read Les Deplorables (Link) to get a bit of an idea where the origins lie – and you could always do research of your own.

There are a million theories out there – my personal opinion is easily found on Voat (recently, i’m updating this post since i’m linking it to ThePedes.) There are many places where we can gather despite being spread out and oppressed. Reddit was one of our largest hubs, where everyone from meme war veterans,  shit posters,  vicious centipedes, deniers of various happenings to simple  meme farmers could gather, share news and shit post together,  and most importantly it was the most Normie place we could be.  It was a place where the normie could come and begin to learn about our ethnic background.  This was so dangerous to the shills and brainwashed, the simple minded  of the left that the rest of Reddit turned against us, they relied on bots and fake fake Internet points ( how low is it to have a fake of a fake? )  to silence us. It’s also still there, you shouldn’t abandon it because it IS a major hub of the centipedes power.

Now? There are a few places we can go when Reddit inevitably perpetuates a communist purge  of liberty loving  Patriots and freedom fighters.

Voat –  


There are three things you need to know about this place before you go there.

1- They are absolutely transparent about any and all censorship,  of which there is very little. Only truly illegal stuff is censored .  So places like Coontown, and fat people hate are there. Be prepared to be offended, you will not be catered to unless you specifically go to a subverse that does.

2-  Your fake Internet points actually have meaning.  It is one of the things that allows you to downvote,  so you have to build a reputation before you can begin to take someone else down . There are also contribution points so simply looking?  People will know when you post or just lurk. They also easily know ho long you’ve been there and will know if you’re a reddifugee who got their points through shilling on ThePedes for points, or naturally over time and real discussion.

3-  They do not have anywhere near the resources that Reddit has.  If you are going to be going here, then it is extremely important that you donate  anything that you can . You can see some resources below  I have linked. This is one of the few things that can truly make a difference, as Voat does have much more freedom than Reddit.

Voat Funding Announcement Post

Goat Funding (it makes sense in context)


This is the most well-known of the chans.  This is the 400 pound hacker the Trump talked about.  Their culture is also significantly different then Reddit or Voat.  There is cross contamination between them, but do not come to this place unless you are ready to become a researcher, as well as  be open to a lot of ideas that you may have accepted as propaganda throughout your childhood. You might even learn a few things.

The worst thing you can do is post on a thread and expect to be respected. The key thing to do is to only post if you have something relevant, or at the very least entertaining to add to the conversation .  Posts like you would see on Reddit will either be mocked or ignored. If you truly want to shitpost on 4Chan, then go to /b/ or /bant/

Additionally, your identity means nothing. It’s all anonymous. So it doesn’t matter whether you are fucking white male, a based black man, or a pretty right wing conservative girl.  If you can’t contribute to the conversation without having to use your identity as a way of boosting it then just shut up, unless you’re a girl in which case “tits or GTFO”

This also has to do with the way the board works, so if you shit post,  you actually slide more important topics off the front page .  You will see blatant shill and LARP posts.    The reason why people are told to look more before posting is so that they have a chance to learn what is a Bait or a LARP thread.

I strongly discourage the majority of Reddit  posters from treating 4chan and specifically Pol as their new home. Pol will mock you if you don’t fit in, and unless you do fit into that culture you dilute their potential and power. It is a power that cannot be tapped in any normal way, so do not go there expecting them to band around you the same way Reddit does. The rest of 4chan will probably not like you either . I do however strongly recommend you lurk here in addition to your other forum surfing.

Below is a quote from on anon on the topic. (used a third party app to find the post, and this was BEFORE the Announcement from The_Donald Mods today.)


8chan/the final solution-

No you didn’t read that wrong, in fact I’m using that term incredibly specifically for this place. This is the place where the autism  is weaponized to cold fusion levels.  There is very little real censorship here. You will also see a lot of things that may be illegal in your country.  In fact I guarantee it .

If you only have experience with Reddit and a bit of experience with Pol,  then I strongly urge  you not to come here. Or at the very very least only lurk.

To be  succinct , if you are a Reddit user then I strongly recommend you create an account on Voat when you can and also  donate to keep that forum open.  Continue to use Reddit for as long as it exists, but be prepared to move, and even more do some cross posting that way you are accustomed to both systems.

Something you also may not consider, but treat Reddit as hostile terrain. When you go there, you want to infiltrate and redpill those who are willing to listen even if we don’t have a home there. We must retake CULTURE.

The donations will be incredibly important to keep that place open.  There are so many people going that even a couple of bucks each will be enough .  There has been a lot of talk about building our own social media, so put your money where your mouth is, because if you don’t it will soon become a cock holster to Shareblue and David Brock’s dead schlong.

And then everyone moves to Pol. And that turns into shit. And then we’ll have nowhere to go, and we’ll lose the high energy that got us to where we are now. This is why it’s so important to keep this GOING.

Think of it this way – Reddit is the mass marketing department for all the weaponized autism that the Chans, and places like Voat create. But you’d know this already if you’d read the book. Linking it again because it’s definitely worth the read.

Les Deplorables (Link)

Grand Opening!

From the depths of Kekistan, we here at Weaponized Autism bring you “Les Deplorables: The Great Meme War” (Which has actually been available for some time, but harder to find/get)

This is a book that stands alone. It is all about visual engagement. Why read pages and pages of text when you can see what Memes really mean? This is our ethnicity, this is our culture. I, Immaculate Pepe, and my compatriot Tommy Rebel/Krtek Tuta are here to spread our high energy.

Les Deplorables is a 533 page Coffee Table History book. Go step by step through the election and the greatest memes created, then go more in depth and find out exactly why Trump’s victory happened. Learn just a bit about Weaponized Autism, and then finish the story with a look at Wikileaks, George Soros, and some of the greatest hits to come out of the Internet Meme Warfare. Available here at this MEGA link is the PPTX version which can be used to export to PNG or whatever you’d like. Please email if you have any issues with the file and we can get it to you in other methods.!Nrp2UBrJ

Also available is our store – where unique and limited edition merchandise is available. Small Batch, and profits go directly towards supporting this project and all future updates to it. Click the link above to see our inventory!

Depending on how busy this place gets, inventory will be updating every quarter, or perhaps monthly if it really picks up steam. We want to create really unique product, and entertaining visual infographic memery. We may get into wearables and other accessories but we want to stay more unique in both designs and product. How busy we get will also dictate how often we update, as well as future stock.