Canadian Healthcare – A Boondoggle built on “Feelings”

It’s pretty simple really – we’re the Hillary Timeline.

We have the following things that are said to be “progressive” but the realities behind them are far scarier than what people realize.

Universal Healthcare: Universal Healthcare differs province to province, but the basics for those of you coming from elsewhere – especially the US – is thus.. The only way you’ll get quick treatment is if you have a major issue. A family member of mine recently broke a foot, and required surgery. From time of break to surgery was 2 days, ambulance and initial medications were covered.

Once this was done – the rest was out of pocket. Thankfully this family member had health insurance through WORK, as in ADDITIONAL Insurance on TOP of the Universal Healthcare, so it’s not as huge an impact on us

This is the average health insurance for people who don’t have it through work. Depending on the Canadian Company – only full Timers working for larger or even medium sized corporations get Health Insurance on top of OHIP I hope you’ve got a big saving account.

Now let’s go to a different situation. A close friend of mine has a polyp in her facial sinus. It’s pushing down on her upper teeth and causing a lot of pain, lack of taste, and difficulty breathing. This may now sound like a life and death scenario, but imagine living with this. Everyday. for 2 years.


Two years. 365 days times 2. Over 700 nights going to bed with a thing lodged in your nose. 
It’s become anthropomorphized and with one inside the other, it might be sexy. Except i’m not sure “Nasal” counts as a valid erogenous zone.


Okay – why is this like this? Well, simply put that’s the wait time for a non-critical surgery. It’s not even incredibly complex. They cut in, cut away the polyp, and then seal it back up. it’s relatively minor, and because it’s not threatening her life or a major injury, it gets pushed down again and again. She has health insurance on top of OHIP, but ohh,, poor us in Canada still have to wait for the goddamned health system that’s super overtaxed. Now why would it be overtaxed? Maybe because Doctors really don’t want to see patients? Because that’s now how real money is made in Canadian Healthcare?

No no no, real money in Healthcare is made by Research and Studies. My Ophthalmologist is one of the biggest names in the field here in Canada – i see him maybe once a year, and he works in his clinic twice  a week. The rest he spends teaching. Which is admirable, but i still always wait 30-40 minutes longer than the time he gives me for my appointment because he has to squeeze so many people in to such a small timeframe

Also contrary to popular belief, this is not “Free” healthcare. We pay for it in taxes. An insane amount of taxes. in fact, 50% of tax revenue to the Government goes to Healthcare. That’s a fuckton of money – yet we have wait times like the above.

Why Canadians don’t complain about this is cultural conditioning. From youth, we’re taught that these taxes are for the good of the society, and it isn’t until we start making true livable wages that we see what the reality is. Even then most people don’t care because they’ve been taught that’s the way it is.

I earn a decent wage at my non descriptive and completely anonymous job – but my taxes on my gross wages is somewhere in the 28% rage. So 28% of the money i’ve been offered in recompense for my time and expertise is taken by the government for immediate tax revenue, Employment Insurance, and Canadian Pension Plan. My Tax Revenue i see in shitty roads and transit, a healthcare system i’m glad i don’t use frequently, and the Liberal Party’s expenditures on lavish lifestyles and new office decor.

Fuck the Liberals. Use an NDP Communist as a butt plug and FUCK EM. Even our conservative party are a bunch of prissy little “OH i’m a MORAL GUARDIAN” sissies and don’t have the sperm count to reproduce properly. But I digress.

Okay, so 28% of my money goes to taxes right away. Shit. let’s go and buy some… SHIT. SALES TAX. Home owners tax, Car Insurance Tax, INSANE Hydro Electric bills because i’m in Ontario where fucking Kathleen Wynne deserves to be thrown off a roof by her beloved Islam. Yes I said it, and it’s not BECAUSE she’s a self professed lesbian, but because it’s the most ironic death she could have given how SHITTY of a Premier she is. The saddest part? The Conservative competition isn’t much better, and he’ll probably fuck it up since i can’t even think of who he is beyond “Tim” something. That might even be wrong. Fuck your shitty marketing.

End of the day – even if i earn a pretty decent livable wage, about 50% of my money goes to taxes. Then factor in the Canadian Economy being a leaky bag of corn addled shit and welp – i’m looking to immigrate to the US. Thank god i might actually have the chance to do this.

Now, how would we be able to fix this? Hmm… Sounds like we could use a competitive free market healthcare system where Doctors and Hospitals can actually make a profit based on service levels and demand. Imagine if instead of the shitty chinese pop up computer store level of Healthcare we get (Aside from a few doctors who are wealthy enough to operate in well to do areas. Some i’ve met are legitimate men of science and health) we were to get the “Apple Stores” of Healthcare. When faced with a choice of hospital – would you go to the one that right away makes you feel like “Yes, i will get good treatment here” or “OH JESUS, WHY ARE YOU SQUEEZING MY PROSTATE LIKE TAHT. THERE”S NO MONEY IN THERE I SWEAR”

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