Antifa BTFO – Take the advantage!

It’s happening.

It began slowly above – Moldylocks and her cuck boyfriend.

Oh don’t know why she’s called Moldylocks? It’s not about her CULTURAL APPROPRIATION OF DREADLOCKS (Fuck why are they so retarded?)

No no no… Liberalism, communism, and the whole “Anarchism” has taken a young woman who could have been ANYTHING in her prime – she had every opportunity, every “privilege” that they preach against, and instead of using that privilege to announce how fucking stupid it is and still requires effort, study, and hard AND smart work, she’s now on Pornhub showing of her hairy cunt.

I won’t ruin your lunch with a link but it’s super easy to find. You’re truly degenerate to fap to that. You’d be less degenerate to fap to traps. (One of Tommy Rebel’s weaknesses is when i suggest linking Antifa to white boi BBC porn and he says its even more sinister than he’s comfortable with, and then suggests i have a tranny fetish)

In reality it’s almost like how Jordan Peterson sees Kek – A level of organized chaos that shouldn’t exist, but somehow does.

Back to Antifa – It’s happened. Although in reality it’s even better than we could have imagined. Democrats have begun to denounce Antifa – literally weeks after compiling on President (Can you still believe he has that title? i can’t. Neither can Tommy Rebel) Trump for saying “Both sides” had violence.

Pelosi Blasts White Supremacists, Denounces Attacks On Trump Supporters

How much you think it hurt her evil demon soul to do this? Bets are suicided by the end of the year.

I’ve been away for so long because i’ve been studying, (and personal matters that i can’t get into) but now… now i’m going to do what i encourage all of you to do – STRIKE NOW! Go on Social Media and CRUSH ANTIFA! We want them to be seen for the truly disgusting people they are. Use Coupon Code Antifags for 30% off pricing (and now reduced shipping costs too!)

I have about half of my original 100 of each stock left, and I’m burning out the stock as fast as i can. All previous purchasers will be getting a special 1 time use coupon for either themselves or their friends, Due to pricing it’ll be limited to the US, Canada,. HOWEVER< if you’re a Europede, a Winged Hussar, or a Based Aussie, seriously email me at and i’ll work something out for you. Asia is very finicky for me to ship to but I will try my damnedest or refund 100% of your money.

What you do next is completely up to you. I am basically a vanguard of chaos and i see several different things you can do from now.

  • Nothing. In which case,… well watch more JP and Molymeme – at least train that brain of yours when you’re ready.
  • Something – Show off your Kekistani heritage, argue on forums, social media, maybe even talk to people IRL if you’re some kind of normie (Which again, WTF are you doing here?
  • A lot – This is where things get dicey. If you’re a MAGAPede, go to rallies, spread the love of Pepe, go and help out in Houston, and general good values things. Be a decent human being. Stop being evil. Don’t necessarily be a “Good” person but at least stop being an asshole.
  • Too much – Uhhh.. I dunno. Help Gavin McInnis put another dildo in his ass as a joke? (Which while i’m disgusted by, i do understand how it’s fucking hilarious to the Alt-Lite)  Go and have a Prayer meeting with Steven Crowder and yell at him for being a cuck and limiting himself to comedian.  What else? You can go full tilt insane and  ALEX JONES THAT SHIT UP. *Side note, listen to this 4Chan Scroll. Tears of laughter. (It’ll get taken down pretty soon methinks)

  • Finally, you can go full insane. Like. NatSoc insane. You know as well as i do that i’m just playing devils advocate – i don’t endorse, but i also don’t denounce.  I kinda just want you to say your piece, and let the people decide if they agree or not. You hate the commies just as much as I do, and Free Speech is free speech.

Win your fight, not matter what you choose to do. Just Crush Antifa, Crush Communism, and give all the free helicopter rides you want.

Immaculate Pepe out.

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