I have been incredibly busy. I recently got a new job that is taking up most of my time due to training. However I can guarantee you that if you’ve ordered a product, I’ll have it shipped out within a maximum of two business days. Typically I’m able to ship it out either same  Day or next day .

Now onto more pressing matters. James Comey…  what a fucking retard .

The absolute best part about this is that  us deplorable’s don’t give a shit what he says. But everything he did say makes it harder for liberal shitheads to continue their conspiracy theories .  We know that the deep state is fighting Trump but with a lot of liberals don’t realize is how much they’re being lied to. There are some that cannot and will not ever believe us, but there are a lot of people out there who is on enough evidence or rather lack of evidence will begin to see the truth

The media is an absolute panic and we have taken the advantage to a new level. And someways it doesn’t even matter about the evidence it only matters the spread of propaganda and what people think. The Russian conspiracy is dead, trumps taxes is dead,  what else do they have? Nothing that’s what. The Democrats and liberals shitheads have nothing but their own imagination left, the irony is that’s all they ever had .

This leads us into a very strong beginning for the 2018 midterms.  People like Maxine Waters now stand next to no chance as long as we are united and we maintain our high-energy .

This article is meant for you Trump supporters. The centipedes.  You have a rallying cry, and you have an enemy that you can focus on. It is up to you to ensure that we have the energy to get a Republican super majority in 2018 and crush the Democrats beneath our feet.

All the rest of the things that you may have heard about,   The things that I allude to hear on occasion, that can come what time and if I’m completely honest you may never hear about it. It might be best that way .




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