About Us

Weaponized Autism has been under budget and ahead of schedule since we opened in 2017. Our goal is to provide both HIGH ENERGY and tremendous KEK for our customers.

Immaculate Pepe has over 9000 years of experience in TRIGGERING LIBTARDS and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: See Below all this text for MEGA Download link for the Book in PPTX Format.

Now that i’ve filled in that template – this is what we actually do. We here at Weaponized Autism provide “Les Deplorables: The Great Meme War” Coffee Table book, as well as extremely unique and limited edition memorabilia. These include specialty Pepe Pins, Kekistan Related Merch, and compilations of Shitposts for the ongoing struggle of freedom loving Kekistan, against the oppressive censorship forces of Cuckistan.

Our business model is as such – Limited quantities of memorabilia that will change every quarter. (with high demand we can order more) Graphics oriented posts and write ups including fact checking, a collection of “memes” and redpill material that is easy to digest. These posts and mini “books” will be available completely for free – though any donations are greatly appreciated.

As time permits, Immaculate Pepe will create infographics designed for sharing and fighting “Fake News”. “Les Deplorables: The Great Meme War” is a collection of the kind of content that will be released here. Fact checking and cross-referencing will be the biggest aspect of these posts.

Please note that we have no affiliation with any media, forum, chan, or entity beyond ourselves. This is literally a 2 man operation. We’re investing in this because we believe.

Immaculate Pepe = Majority creator. I’m a shit disturber and this is my way of fighting in the Great Meme War beyond shitposting and spreading those links.

Tommy Rebel, AKA Krtek Tuta = Tommy Rebel helped me set up the store, and been a fantastic sounding board. He’s also a giant shitlord. I also love calling him Krtek Tuta because it sounds like i’m calling him a whore dick in Serbian.

We will not be opening a patreon or any kind of membership for this site. All written or graphics oriented material we create will be 100% free. We decided to sell merchandise as well as a way of funding this operation AND providing something that the people want. Pricing is based on the limited batch quantities we order (typically about 100 of each item), the time spent by us (Currently 2 people), as well as covering the costs of this website, and our time.

What do we truly want? The founding fathers put it best, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom of Speech, The Right to Bear Arms – these are all aspects that make America a beacon of hope for the world,

The Great Meme War has yet to end – we’ve only won a few battles but more remains. The world cannot fall into the false song of globalism – the Elite cannot be allowed to become our rulers, with simple minded thugs like ANTIFA and Islam as their attack dogs.

You can get a copy of the book here – in PPTX Form. (Powerpoint) which can be exported to PNG for printing or more. As of this time we won’t be offering any printed copies of this book, but time will tell. It is over 500+ pages, and designed like a Coffee Table book in that it does tell a story, but you can turn to any page and find something awesome.

https://mega.nz/#!Nrp2UBrJ!0Mv-uFRdnm1bBhHLh1o19sNazdGo5FZy8agwfmQEBsU (If any problems arise with this link, please contact us ASAP and we can mirror it as needed.


I have been incredibly busy. I recently got a new job that is taking up most of my time due to training. However I can guarantee you that if you’ve ordered a product, I’ll have it shipped out within a maximum of two business days. Typically I’m able to ship it out either same  Day …

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Feedback. FEEDBACK.

Want to tell me to fuck off? Want to say “Thanks” for making these unique pins? Maybe you’ve got a suggestion or want to place some kind of special order? Hell, are you a mod on some forum and want to talk about getting a deal for your users? Are you alt media and want to offer your fans a deal?  WHY NOT?

Just remember one thing before you do…